AET 2020 Vision

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AET 2020 Vision

The AET 2020 Vision was created by the AET Council and approved by the General Assembly in October 2012. It forms the framework for AET Council and Board activity to 2020.

Our vision is that AET will be a key influencer, contributor to and shaper of the debate connecting transport policy, practice and research at the European level

AET will achieve this goal by:

  • bringing together researchers, policy makers and practitioners around ideas and visions of transport at European, national, regional and local level;
  • managing and influencing the debates on developments in and related to transport policy, practice and research;
  • building coalitions with like-minded organisations around shared objectives; and
  • articulating the shared perspectives and priorities of key stakeholders in politics, administration, business and academia.

AET will create outcomes by:

  • delivering a range of state of the art conferences, seminars and networking products;
  • presenting the facts on transport based on the leading-edge research of its members;
  • harnessing the full potential of electronic, web and social media;
  • promoting and disseminating the highest standards in published technical and analytical work; and
  • generating and commissioning high quality research from its members.

And AET will involve and engage its members by:

  • being relevant to its membership, stakeholders and like-minded organisations;
  • recruiting a more diverse, inclusive and representative Europe-wide membership;
  • harnessing the motivation, energy and commitment of its members; and
  • achieving the highest standards of corporate governance for not-for-profit


The full vision document can be downloaded below.


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