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The Association for European Transport's Board is appointed by the AET Council. It is accountable to the Council for developing the Association and the European Transport Conference.

The AET Board consists of up to seven members appointed by the Council. The Board is responsible for appointing its own roles and responsibilities amongst its members, however, it must have a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

The current Association Board consists of:

  • Chairman: Pierluigi Coppola (IT)
  • Secretary:Hermann Maier
  • Treasurer: Hermann Maier (UK)
  • Marketing and Newsletter: Rachel Risely (UK)
  • Links with International Organisations and Associations: Angel Aparicio (ES)
  • Directors: Gav Jackman (UK), Elaine Seagriff (UK), Remko Smit (NL)
  • Peer review of ETC papers and publications: Pierluigi Coppola (IT)

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