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The 24 Council Members of the Association for European Transport are responsible for controlling the Association. One third of the Council seats are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting, held at the European Transport Conference.

Council Members are normally elected for three years, with one-third of the Council standing down for re-election each year.

Members elected until October 2017:

  • Michael Bach (UK)
  • Sibel Bulay (US)
  • Graham Ellis (UK)
  • James Odeck (NO)
  • Luigi dell'Olio (IT)
  • Peter Snelson (UK)

Members elected until October 2018:

  • Oliver Charlesworth (UK)
  • Colin Chick (UK)
  • Peter Davidson (UK)
  • Serbjeet Kohli (UK)
  • Conall MacAongusa (IE)
  • Csaba Orosz (HU)
  • Gisela Graefin von Schlieffen (DE)

Members elected until October 2019:

  • Francis Cirianni (IT)
  • Domokos Esztergar-Kiss (HU)
  • Olga Feldman (NL)
  • Wim Korver (NL)
  • Stephen Luke (UK)
  • John McCarthy (IE)
  • Johnny Ojeil (UK)
  • Christian Winkler (DE)


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