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The Association for European Transport was founded in 1998 as a non-profit making organisation open to anyone wishing to advance transport planning through discussion and debate amongst professionals. Its members include both individuals and organisations.

AET is controlled by a 24 member elected Council. One third of the Council is re-elected each year.

At the 2009 General Assembly, members agreed to make changes to the Statutes and, therefore, to the election rules. There are no longer two separate constituencies; all 24 Council Members are, from October 2010, elected regardless of their status as Individual or Organisation Members.

The Council in turn appoints a Board, which can be up to seven people. Positions on the Board are unpaid and are responsible for managing the day-to-day affairs of the Association. The Board is assisted by a small paid Secretariat, which operates on the basis of various three-year management contracts.

One of the principal activities of the Association for European Transport is the planning of the annual European Transport Conferences. the European Transport Conference is the successor to the Summer Annual Meetings which were begun by PTRC Education and Research Services Ltd more than 40 years ago. The organisation of these Conferences is heavily dependent on Programme Committees, voluntary groups of AET members who are specialists in a particular field of transport.

The Programme Committees are responsible for the technical content and social life of the Conferences. Commercial and organisational matters are dealt with by a Conference Management Team, comprising representatives of the AET Board, the ETC sponsors and the ETC contractors.


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