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The Council consists of a maximum of 24 Members of the Association for European Transport represent the AET members and help with the direction of the association. One third of the Council seats are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting, held at the European Transport Conference.

Council Members are normally elected for three years, with one-third of the Council standing down for re-election each year. If you are an AET member and would like to be considered for the next election please let us know by using the contact us form.

Members elected until October 2019:

Francis Cirianni (IT)

Domokos Esztergar-Kiss (HU)

Olga Feldman (NL)

Wim Korver (NL)

Stephen Luke (UK)

John McCarthy (IE)

Johnny Ojeil (UK)

Christian Winkler (DE)

Members elected until October 2020:

Michael Bach (UK)

Angela di Febbraro (IT)

Graham Ellis (UK)

Jan Francke (NL)

James Odeck (NO)

Luigi dell'Olio (IT)

Peter Snelson (UK)

Members elected until October 2021:

Oliver Charlesworth (UK)

Colin Chick (UK)

Conall MacAongusa (IE)

Csaba Orosz (HU)

Gisela Graefin von Schlieffen (DE)

Bryan Whittaker

Bruno Ville

Marwa Elsayed Elbany



The Association for European Transport's Board is appointed by the AET Council. It is accountable to AET members via the representation of the Council for developing the Association and the European Transport Conference.

The AET Board consists of up to seven members appointed by the Council. The Board is responsible for agreeing its own roles and responsibilities amongst its members, however, it must have a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

The current Association Board consists of:

Chair: Pierluigi Coppola (IT)

Secretary: Hermann Maier (UK)

Treasurer: Barry Zondag (NL)

Directors: Elaine Seagriff (UK), Remko Smit (NL), Enrica Papa (IT), Cristina Marolda (IT)


Other roles of the board members are:

Membership, Marketing & Recruitment: Enrica Papa

International Relations: Cristina Marolda (IT)

Website: Remko Smit 

Conference management team: Hermann Maier

AET vision: Elaine Seagriff

Peer review of ETC papers & publications: Pierluigi Coppola





The Association for European Transport has a number of Ambassadors who volunteer to help the AET Board in marketing the European Transport conference and AET Membership in their countries.

The AET is currently working with the ambassadors to improve this network. More information about the ambassadors will be published in due course.


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