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AET Covid-19 Conversations Interviews & Webinars

How is Covid-19 affecting daily life, travel and mobility patterns and how will these be impacted in the future in a post Covid-19 world? Through a series of interviews and webinars, AET is discussing the impacts of Covid-19 with members from across Europe giving you a unique and wide-ranging pan European view of ongoing developments during the current crisis.

Information on upcoming webinars, that are open for participation to both AET members and non-members, can be found on the Covid-19 Conversations Resources page. Additional information on research about the impact of Covid-19 on the transportation sector can also be found there.

AET Covid-19 Webinars and Interviews (available to members only)

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Mark van Hagen

Principal Consultant Customer Experience
Research & Consulting
Netherlands Railways

Niels van Oort

Smart Public Transport Lab
Delft University of Technology

András Munkácsy

Head of the Department
Transport Management
KTI Institute for Transport Sciences

How do Dutch train passengers (expect to) travel during and after Covid:
Insights from a longitudinal panel of over 20,000 train passengers

5 November 2020

Public transport during and after Covid-19

ETC Programme Committees for Rail Policy and Planning and Local Public Transport

Samya Ghosh

Head of Urban Space
United Kingdom

Henk Taale

Senior Consultant
Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

Planning for post Covid-19 with an intelligent Mobility Hat

1 October 2020

Mobility management after Covid-19

ETC Programme Committee for Intelligent Mobility

Joseph Molloy

4th year PhD student
Institute for Transport Planning and Systems
ETH Zürich

Johnny Ojeil

United Kingdom

Changing activity spaces and mobility patterns amongst Swiss population segments

30 July 2020

Social distancing during Covid-19 and its implications for transport planning

Jan Francke

Senior Researcher Netherlands
KiM Institute for Transport Policy Analysis
Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Maintenance

Ángel González Laya

Civil Engineer

Mobility and the Coronavirus crisis in the Netherlands

16 July 2020

Covid-19 impact on transportation



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