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Participating in the online Conference

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European transport conference 2021 online

A warm welcome to all of the participants of our online conference. You will find all the information here that you need to participate in the conference from 13 - 15 September 2021. Should you encounter any problems relating to the conference, please contact our online helpdesks:


Problems with access to the event website or app, questions on navigating the online event
registration@aetransport.org Questions on bookings and registration


Accessing ETC Online - ETC Event Website and ETC Event Mobile App

Participants will have access to the conference via our ETC Event Website and its accompanying ETC Event Mobile App. Both platforms will be accessible through your personal profile that you will set up, and allow you to access the same features via your different devices.
Instruction on how to navigate the app can be found HERE, and below in this page.

The ETC Event Website and the ETC Event Mobile App can both link you to the actual sessions, which will be run on Cisco Webex. We recommend attending the sessions via the website, through your computer or laptop. But if needed or preferred, it should also be possible to run a mobile version of Cisco Webex on your smartphone or tablet.

We also recommend accessing the ETC Event Website from the local environment of your computer or laptop. Accessing from a remote desktop like a Citrix Server or from behind an office firewall might result in blocking some of the functionality of the ETC Event Website or of Cisco Webex.


ETC Event Mobile App

ETC attendees who downloaded and used the Event Mobile App before already can access the 2021 Event from the same app. Please make sure you have updated to the latest version through the App Store or Google Play. In the home screen of the app you will now have both the past ETC 2019, 2020 (for those years where you attended) and the upcoming ETC 2021.


Creating an ETC Event profile

Attendees’ profiles will be matched with their conference bookings in order to give them access to all the session links for the days they booked at ETC 2021.

If you have used the ETC Event Mobile App before, you can log on at both the ETC Event Website and App. If you are a new user, you will need to create a profile. Make sure that you set up your profile using the email address that was used to make your ETC booking. You can create a profile both from the ETC Event Website and the ETC Event Mobile App. You can then use your profile to access the same event information through different devices.

If you used a different email address to access the Mobile App before, please log out and set up a new profile with the correct email address. Not sure which email address was used for your ETC booking? Please contact us at registration@aetransport.org.

A step-by-step guide to setting up your profile:


Open the ETC Event Website on your computer/laptop OR open the ETC Event Mobile App (downloadable here). The Mobile App might take a little time to load on the first time.

2. Set up a profile using the same personal email address used for your ETC 2021 booking. (If a colleague made your booking for you, please make sure to use the email address they registered for your booking.)
3. Choose your personal password.
4. Fill out your profile (Name, Title, Company).
5. Accept the terms of condition.
6. Access the ETC 2021 Online Event.



app instruction


Advised quality of your internet connection

To make sure you can enjoy the ETC 2020 sessions to the fullest, it might be helpful to check that your internet connection meets the minimum bandwidth requirements for streaming video sessions.

The recommended requirements for HD video (720p and 30FPS) presenting are 8 Mbps download / 6 Mbps upload. 
The minimum requirements for HD video (720p and 30FPS) presenting are 8 Mbps download / 2.5 Mbps upload.  

A connection lower than this minimum will be prone to streaming problems.
You can search “check internet speed” from Google for websites that allow you to do a quick upload/download check.

Things that can help improve your internet connection:

Physically move closer to the router when using Wi-Fi
Connect your computer/laptop to the router with a wired (LAN) connection
Disconnect any other devices that are also connected to your Wi-Fi
Close other browsers and apps on your computer/laptop or mobile device
Shut down software that might be uploading/downloading in the background (such as email programmes)


Navigating the ETC Event Website and Mobile App

The Event Website and Mobile App should be easy to navigate. If you want to read more information on the event features, please download our instructions here and in the download below.


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