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Technical visits and tours at ETC 2022

Keep a regular look at this page, since new visits and tours will be added when they come available.

To register for, or further enquiries regarding technical visits and tours please send an email to sabrina.winter@aetransport.org 


ETC Running Club

Want to have some fun and see more of Milan than your hotel and the train station? Need to blow away those conference cobwebs and clear the head in the morning? Why not come for a jog? ETCercise is back, bigger, better and raring to go.


Regardless of pace and ability, come and join us on Thursday morning at 0700 AM for a jog around beautiful Milano and get to know your fellow delegates/ as you jog.

Memories and connections that last plus the sites of a beautiful city!

To register for the running tour, please send a request to sabrina.winter@aetransport.org and then complete this online form

Session organisers: Oliver Charlesworth  - Bentley  Gav Jackman - City Science 


ETC Bike Tour organised by Bici e Vacanze

BiciVacanze Piccolo 1Wednesday 7 September 1800 – 1900 from Bovisa to Central Milan, please meet ten minutes beforehand.

Strictly limited to 30 ETC delegates.

Please meet by the registration desk ten minutes before leaving.

sabrina.winter@aetransport.org  to book.


E-scooter Tour - Scooters provided by Tier App

Friday 9 September 1300 – 1400

Start and return to the Bovisa Campus 25 – 30 ETC delegates

Please meet by the registration desk ten minutes before leaving.

sabrina.winter@aetransport.org  to book.


Messina Depot

Friday 9 September 1430 (leaving 1345 from the registration desk)ATM Logo Small

The Messina depot is located in via Messina 41 (Metro line 5 Cenisio).

25 ETC delegates

sabrina.winter@aetransport.org  to book.

Messina Depot

The tram is one of the iconic symbols of the city of Milan. How do our 100-year-old trams still operate, remaining efficient and in line with the latest technologies? Passion, meticulous organization and of course state-of-the art maintenance.

Designed in 1904 and built in 1912 on behalf of Edison company, then in charge of public transport, Messina is among the oldest depots in Milan. Further expanded between 1925 and 1927, after public transport management had been taken over by the Municipality in 1917, its particular structure and its metal roof make it unique in the European landscape of 20th century industrial architecture.

The depot was part of the history of public transport: in 1916, for instance, the first group of women conductors replaced the men who left for World War I.

The entire area - a militarily strategic target during World War II - was bombed on the night between 12 and 13 August 1943, undergoing severe damage. After the War, the depot went through a careful restyling process that took place - without ever interrupting the service - maintaining its original charm and its special feature: the double span, a kind of meeting point of two depots set out in a V shape.

Over the years, the depot has been the focus of a modernisation process to adapt the facility to the maintenance of modern trams. With an area of almost 30,000 square metres, divided into two departments - workshop maintenance and operations -, Messina is the largest of ATM's tram depots. It accommodates 115 vehicles, ranging from the historical “Carrelli” to the modern trams. Service covers almost 24 hours, starting in the morning just before 4 am and ending at around 3 am.

The depot also houses a little museum with old maintenance tools, ranging from ladles - used to tin- plate the engines connections - to lamps and flanges’ calibres.


Control Rooms (Monte Rosa)

Friday 9 September 1430 (leaving 1345 from the registration desk)ATM Logo Small

The control rooms are located in via Monte Rosa 89 (Metro line 1 Amendola or Lotto).

20 ETC delegates

sabrina.winter@aetransport.org  to book

Usually inaccessible to the public, the operations control rooms are the places where the public transport service that moves the city of Milan is organized and managed. Its brain, but also the heart.


Surface control room

Surface control room

Management of service regularity, deviations, disruptions and much more: besides taking timely decisions to minimize possible inconveniences, the surface control room operators gather information for diagnostics, maintenance and data processing thanks to cutting- edge monitoring systems. Over 25,000 runs of trams, buses and trolleybuses are managed daily.


Metro control room

Metro Control Room

The metro control room manages the operations - 2,300 runs supervised daily -  and safety of the whole Milan metro network. Three control desks per line enable to overview the real-time status of service: train circulation, electrification and passenger flows. The electrification control desk, in particular, has the crucial role of monitoring the supply of power to the systems throughout the day.

The control rooms also host the passenger information team that manages the public address system as well as the digital and social media used for real-time information.


Security Operations Centre

Control Rooms

A room is also dedicated to the management of security activities: control of stations and above- ground sites and vehicles and supervision of the patrolling teams. Key areas are monitored using the video surveillance systems, with over 2,000 sensors and 10,000 cameras.





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