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Information for Stewards

AET offers the opportunity to become a Seminar Steward at the ETC to qualifying individuals. It provides an excellent chance to connect with the conference and assist with the smooth running of this long established event.

The role of a Seminar Steward is to be AET’s representative throughout a selected seminar. To do this, the Steward must be present for the duration of each seminar for which he or she is responsible.

Stewards are required to steward 1 full day of sessions, but are then allowed to attend any sessions of their choice on the other 2 days. Days and sessions are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis according to preference, therefore on occasion there is a risk you will not be able to steward all of your preferred sessions.

If your application is successful, in return for your time you will receive Free attendance for the duration of the conference, plus the opportunity to sit in on sessions of interest.

What do you have to do?

Before the Conference 

  1. Ensure you are available for the full duration of the conference.
  2. Register as a steward with the Conference Manager.
  3. Confirm with the Conference Manager the agreed session you will be Stewarding. 

At the Conference, Before Your Sessions 

  1. Attend a steward briefing (see the times below).
  2. Ensure you know the session times, rooms and location.
  3. Check with the Registration Desk that the Session Chair and Speakers have arrived. 
  4. Help direct delegates as required.

Before Each Session 

  1. Arrive at the seminar room at least 15 minutes before the session starts.
  2. Check that the session room has the correct signage (i.e. room name, session title, time, sponsor) both inside and outside the room and change if necessary (signs will be available from the Registration Desk).
  3. Check there is water and glasses available for the Session Chair and Speakers.
  4. Introduce yourself to the Session Chair and Speakers and let them know you are there to assist them.
  5. Provide the Session Chair with Chair Notes or any messages.
  6. Check that all the equipment needed for the session (laptop / desktop computer, data projector and screen) is present and working correctly. If not, contact the Audio Visual technician first and then inform the Registration Desk.
  7. Aid the Speakers and Session Chair with the setting up of Audio Visual presentations (an AV technician will be available should you have any problems and you will receive instructions about the equipment beforehand).
  8. If the Session Chair does not arrive by the time the session starts, please let the Registration Desk know immediately. If a Speaker is not present, the Session Chair has been advised what to do.

During The Session 

  1. Make sure the attendance sheet is passed around to, and signed by, all delegates present in the room. Return this to the Registration Desk at the end of the session.
  2. Fill out the session report form as the session progresses. Return this to the Registration Desk at the end of the session.
  3. Troubleshoot – the steward is responsible for alerting the Registration Desk should any problems arise.
  4. Answer any delegate queries you can, or direct them to the Registration Desk for assistance.
  5. Seating Arrangements – occasionally a room may be too small for the number of participants wanting to attend, please assist delegates in finding seats and causing the least disruption.  Generally, the maximum number of chairs that will fit into a room will have been provided. 
  6. Aid the Session Chair with the timing of the session if required (i.e. ensure presentations and discussions do not start or finish late). The timing must not be altered because delegates rely on the fact that they can move from session to session and they need to be confident that the programme, as stated in the timetable, is accurate.
  7. Stay for the duration of the session. 

After The Session

Return the Session Report Sheet and attendance sheet to the Registration Desk. 

Other Roles Available

There may be other aspects of the conference that the Conference Manager will need assistance with (for example photocopying, aiding exhibitors in setting up their stands, putting up signage). Please be prepared to be asked to help with anything arising unexpectedly during the event.

In Dublin we will require stewards to guide people first to the correct building then to the rooms inside the building.  We also request stewards help with information re-tweets regarding the conference @EuTransportConf #etcdublin2019


Steward Briefing Session

Briefing sessions will take place at 0825 every day,  with Stewards meeting at the Registration Desk. They will be given a brief tour of the seminar rooms along with a short training session on how to use the equipment in the rooms. This briefing will be managed by our onsite contact. Stewards only need to attend the briefing on the day they are due to assist with the conference.

Stewards will be provided with:

  • Timetable
  • Attendance sheets
  • Session report forms

sabrina.winter@aetransport.org for more information.




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