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Exhibitor and Session Sponsor for Transport Modelling and Planning for Sustainable Land Use and Transport

PTV Group is a recognised global market leader in the development of transport planning, traffic engineering and logistics software for the optimisation of the infrastructure and the movement of people and goods. In the Logistics business field, our portfolio ranges from software for scheduling transport routes and trips to distribution planning and fleet management, including truck navigation and parking. A special online service provides real-time transparency during the transport process and across the entire supply chain. In the Traffic business field, we offer state-of-the-art technologies for traffic planning, transport network modelling and simulation across all modes of transport, including real-time traffic management as well as Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions.

PTV software is used to develop the European transport model, which encompasses all passenger transport and freight movements in Europe. Our software tools are used by all leading transport consultancy firms in the UK and globally. It is also used by many national and local transport authorities in the UK including Department for Transport, Highways England, Transport for London, Transport for West Midlands, Leicestershire County Council and many other regional and city transport authorities.

Our headquarters are located in Karlsruhe - a centre of innovation and development in Germany - since the company was founded in 1979. We currently have more than 700 staff in 20 offices worldwide. We are continuously investing in the UK, which is one of the globally most important markets for us, with office locations in London and West Midlands with more than 30 UK staff.


Aimsun Snapshot


Aimsun is a leading international provider of software and services for traffic planning, simulation and prediction.

For over two decades, Aimsun has specialized in algorithms, software and operational know-how for mobility applications.
Its global team of over 100 engineers, data scientists, developers and consultants bring their experience to projects as diverse as large-scale transportation models, testing the impact of connected and autonomous vehicles, or training artificial intelligence and machine learning to forecast and manage traffic.

More than 7,000 mobility professionals worldwide in government, research institutions and private companies are successfully using Aimsun tools and services to model tomorrow’s smart mobility networks.


doppelmayr web

Local Public Transport Session Sponsor

As quality, technology and market leader in ropeway engineering, Doppelmayr operates production plants as well as sales and service centers in over 35 countries worldwide. To date, the Group has built more than 14,800 installations for customers in 91 nations. Flexibility, know-how and pioneering spirit make the Group ideally equipped to meet all the challenges of traditional and new markets. The innovative cable car systems from Doppelmayr offer a host of benefits in the urban environment. They cross residential areas, rivers and existing infrastructure with ease and glide over every traffic hindrance.

Environmentally friendly and efficient at the same time, cable car systems provide an impressive answer to present and future traffic problems and create added value for any city. This makes it essential to find new solutions to address present and future traffic problems. Cable cars are innovative approaches which can make a valuable contribution towards resolving this challenge.



Moovit Welcome


Moovit, an Intel company, is a leading Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions provider and the creator of the #1 urban mobility app. Moovit was acquired by Intel in 2020 to join forces with Mobileye to accelerate the global adoption of autonomous transportation. 

Moovit, which serves over 950 million users in 3,400 cities across 112 countries, amasses up to six billion anonymous data points a day to add to the world’s largest repository of transit and urban mobility data. 

For governments, cities, transit agencies, and private companies, Moovit offers MaaS solutions covering planning, operations, and optimization with proven value in reducing congestion, growing ridership, and increasing efficiency and asset utilization. Industry leaders such as Microsoft, Uber, and Cubic have partnered with Moovit to power their mobility offerings.


Arup Thanks


Arup is the creative force at the heart of many of the world’s most prominent projects in the built environment. Our focus is on planning, designing, and delivering better cities and their component parts and systems for everyone.

We help clients with immediate and longer term zero-carbon transport strategies to make headway towards zero-carbon transport by developing active travel policies and strategies, design cycle and walking infrastructure, analyse accessibility and inclusivity, advise on behavioural change, wayfinding and public realm design.

With transport being integral to the UK’s economic recovery, understanding individual transport behaviours has never been more important. Our agent-based modelling capabilities take into consideration changing behaviours and allows us to model a wide range of impacts with greater flexibility. 

The people at Arup are driven to find a better way, and today that means working with others to create a sustainable future.


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Exhibitor and Data Session Sponsor

Tracsis is a technology company working across the transportation sector. We have 2 main Divisions within the business; Rail and Technology Services and Data, Analytics, Consultancy and Events.


The Rail and Technology Services Division are a leading industry provider of operational planning and performance software, safety and risk management software and smart ticketing and automated delay repay services across the rail industry. We also provide Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM) hardware which is deployed across the UK rail network.

The Data, Analytics, Consultancy and Events Division are the leading international provider of transport surveys, passenger analytics, GIS location data and informatics, and event traffic management. We collect and report transport data using a range of technologies for transport models and impact assessments and public transport planning. We manage traffic and personnel access for major events such as festivals, sports venues and pop up centres and provide GIS location analytics to assist government and commercial organisations to deliver more efficient operations, protect their assets and meet regulatory requirements.


Technology makes it possible, people make it happen.



 Bentley static TW


Thousands of professionals around the world rely on Bentley’s mobility modeling and analytics software to understand the urban, metropolitan, regional, and national movement of people. Bentley’s mobility software (CUBE, Emme, Dynameq, LEGION and CityPhi) measures the impact of transportation policy, demographics, and urban geography on travel demand and transportation infrastructure. Using Bentley’s mobility digital twins our users can evaluate and forecast transportation system performance, reliability, and accessibility. From regions and cities to buildings and stations, from roads and public transit to new mobility, from travel demand to traffic and pedestrian simulation, Bentley mobility applications help to inform real-world decisions across planning, engineering, construction, and operations.


Road Safety static TW


The European Road Safety Charter, initiated and coordinated by the European Commission, is the largest civil society platform on road safety. To date, more than 3,500 public and private entities have committed to the Charter and carried out road safety actions and initiatives targeted at their members, employees and the rest of civil society. Together, these various entities form a community in which members can share their expertise and actions, inspiring and learning from each other.

Specifically, the Charter aims to:

  • Encourage and support European associations, schools, universities, companies of all types and sizes, and local authorities to take actions for road safety in Europe.
  • Acknowledge contributions by civil society to road safety.
  • Facilitate civil society members in acquiring and sharing knowledge on road safety issues in the European Union.
  • Facilitate true dialogue for the transfer of road safety experiences and practices at all levels of governance in the European Union.
Vectio Thanks

Exhibitor and Global Trends Impacting Transport (GTiT) Session Sponsor

Our origins date back to 2007, when we established the values of what is now Vectio. We focus our business on transport assessments, travel plans, traffic engineering, highways and infrastructure design, development planning and access planning, data collection and analyses. Over the last years, we have always maintained a desire for innovation and committed to the use of technology as most requested by our customers.

At Vectio, we firmly believe that after more than 500 successfully completed projects, what sets us apart from our competitors is the use of the best technology for collecting, analysing traffic and mobility; and where required, we further utilize such data to provide robust technical advisory and design services for our clients.

Moreover, the team is committed to finding the best solution from an analytical, social, sustainability and economic standpoint.

We provide efficiency, reliability and a high technical standard.


Jacobs thank you sponsor widescreen


Award sponsor "For the paper showing the most innovative use of data"

Our clients move people, goods, and freight over land, through the air, across the sea, underground, and even through mountains, and we help them achieve it.

Clients rely on us to be strategic and practical; to help them save money while being innovative; and to be environmentally sensitive and understanding of community concerns when delivering crucial infrastructure projects.

Our approach of establishing long-term relationships with our clients drives our ability to help them reach their goals, across all transport modes.

We bring value through cost-effective solutions and services ranging from transportation planning, design, engineering, and construction management to land development, environmental permitting, and support with innovative financing measures and public-private partnerships.


Goudappel award FB


Award sponsor for the best paper written and presented in the Planning for Sustainable Land Use and Transport Seminar

Goudappel wants to improve the living environment with its mobility knowledge. In our profession knowledge exchange is the fuel for new ideas. The European Transport Conference is one of the leading platforms to facilitate this knowledge exchange. Therefore Goudappel is proud to sponsor the award for the best paper within the Planning for Sustainable Land Use and Transport seminar.

www.goudappel.nl www.goudappel.eu

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In 1988 a group of planners and economists spotted the opportunity to bring statistical rigour to what they saw as a generally lacklustre and uncreative approach to delivering research. Through their involvement in transport strategy, at a time when there was growing pressure to close further railway lines, they’d seen that, if you asked what passengers needed to use the system and then responded to some of those needs, the railways could be kept open.

Today, Accent are a totally integrated, full-service agency. We pride ourselves on delivering tailor-made research programmes designed to answer those important questions our clients need answering. We’ve stayed in business for over 30 years by ensuring that our research solutions get to the heart of the issues we’re exploring, and by delivering the in-depth insights that keep our clients coming back.

We specialise in behavioural change, branding, customer journeys, interactive communities, NPD, segmentation and trade-off analysis




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