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ETC 2024 Social Events, Technical Visits & Tours

Pre-Conference Drinks - Tuesday 17 September

University of Antwerp: 1830-2000hrs


Civic Reception - Wednesday 18 September

Het Steen (Limited numbers available): 1900-2000hrs


Conference Dinner at the Horta - Thursday 19 September

Grand Café Horta & Art Nouveau Hall (grandcafehorta.be): 1945-2215hrs

Dietary restrictions must be notified to sabrina.winter@aetransport.org by 15 August


Mobility Walking Tour Antwerp - Wednesday 18 September

Leaving the University at 1815hrs. The tour will be 50 minutes duration with 20 minutes of walking.


Wander with us through the historical center of a growing city that strives to stay liveable, accessible and safe for everyone. We will show you how the space in our streets is being redesigned at human scale and how new policies make this possible. With a beautiful view of the river Scheldt and the iconic medieval fortress ‘het Steen’, we will explain how we leverage different mobility modes to create a modal shift. This is also where we look at the big picture; how Antwerp will expand its river crossings and restructure the ring road creating large new parks. If you like history as much as mobility, this is for you.

Please note that unfortunately the route is not wheelchair friendly due to cobbled streets and stairs.

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The tour will consist of four stops

  1. A city designed at human scale Pt 1 (stop at University of Antwerp´s inner square, Hof van Liere)
    1. Current streets, residential streets and pedestrian areas
    2. Residential streets (and their design - Prinsstraat, a view of a street before it has been rebuild)
    3. Restrictive zones for shared electric scooters (no park zones and slow speed zones) 
    4. Parking restrictions in the inner city (only for locals, since last year) 

    2. A city designed at human scale Pt 2 (Stop at Lange Koepoortstraat & Zirckstraat) 

    1. Executed residential street (Lange Koepoortstraat)
    2. Quick temporary solutions (Zirckstraat, paint and concrete jerseys) 
    3. Pedestrian programme & Slow Routes 
    4. Oldest house with wooden front 1546 - Stoelstraat 
  1. The challenge of increased amount of traffic. (Stop at Willem Ogiersplaats for view from the staircase)
    1. Het Steen as important spot for tourist and different mobility modes. Project SPINE & Slimme Schakels
    2. Plans for het Steenplein and Scheldekaaien. Recreational zone, connection to the Schelde. 
    3. Verdiepte Kaaiweg (tunnel),  discussion of future plans and the different perspectives 
    4. Drop zones for shared mobility 
    5. Velo system, cyclist & cycling network  
  1. A bigger picture of a city near the Schelde (Stop at Wandelterras)
    1. Explanation of different river crossings (tunnels and cycling bridge)
    2. Ferry and Waterbus
    3. Grote Verbinding - Construction site of the century (restructuring the ring of Antwerp)