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The AET Transport and Mobility Forum promotes active engagement of AET members and member-groups with each other and with other like-minded transport organisations through supporting and hosting a range of activities including online webinars, seminars and discussions on a wide range of transport and transport related topics of interest. We welcome new members and new ideas about transport and how we talk about transport.

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A Method for Economic Benefits for Re-allocating Road Space for Cyclists

Thursday 2nd February 2023
1100 - 1200 CET (1000 - 1100 GMT)
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Webinar Overview

Pandemic initiated shift in travel patterns created a significant strain on public transport, further exacerbated by a new “work from home” culture. In response, a “plan led approach” in Birmingham is adopted to initiate measures to support active travel.

The plan centred around creating designs through road space reallocation by limiting access for private cars; prioritising active travel in local neighbourhoods; and re-purposing road space. 

A top-down approach, compliant with policy reflected in design development but ensuring it is economically viability! So, the questions to consider are compliance of designs with strategic case and does this provide economic benefits through users but also minimising impacts on other non-users. An interactive process is presented here to show how both are achieved through a top-down policy approach for a coherent, safe and attractive design which also provides a good economic return.

We shall offer a surgery of the development of a corridor!


  • Dr Göktuğ Tenekeci is a Director of projects at Jacobs and manages a number of frameworks. He is an experienced Transport Professional with a proven track record in Transport Policy, Transport Planning and Modelling. Most recently, he has supported the strategy development for Midlands Connect by developing interventions and their appraisal, including HS2 Readiness, Freight Strategy, Classic Compatible services and early delivery of East Midlands hub station. He has led on successful business cases for transportation projects, securing funding for delivery.
  • Dr Marc Stemerding is senior researcher at Goudappel. He has conducted a large number of transport research projects, on mobility management, traffic management, effective intervention strategies and reward schemes, data management and consumer oriented surveys. He is currently leading the annual customer satisfaction survey for all public transport in The Netherlands (Public Transport’s Client Barometer).


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Date Theme/Topic Host(s)
2nd February 2023
A method for economic benefits for re-allocating road space for cyclists
Planning for Sustainable Land Use and Transport
2nd March 2023 Transport Economics Case Study - Crossrail UK

Transport Economics, Finance and Appraisal

6th April 2023 Aviation and Sustainability Aviation
4th May 2023 Data Data
1st June 2023 TBA  
6th July 2023 What is System Dynamics and why use it in transport research and policy-making?

  • Paul Pfaffenbichler, BOKU, Austria
  • Gillian Harrison, University of Leeds Institute for Transport Studies, UK
System Dynamics


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