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AET Transport and Mobility Forum

The AET Transport and Mobility Forum promotes active engagement of AET members and member-groups with each other and with other like-minded transport organisations through supporting and hosting a range of activities including online webinars, seminars and discussions on a wide range of transport and transport related topics of interest. We welcome new members and new ideas about transport and how we talk about transport.

Upcoming webinar

Advancing Urban Mobility - Emphasising Walking and Cycling

FREE Webinar: Thursday, 6 June 2024 
11.00 - 12.00 CEST / 10.00 - 11.00 BST

This joint webinar from the AET Transport and Mobility Forum and the Journal of Urban Mobility will feature presentations from invited experts from academia and government, focusing on the integration of walking and cycling into urban environments.

Key Subjects:

Urban Design and Policy Enhancement: Explore effective global strategies and policy frameworks that prioritise pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure within urban planning.

Impact of Research and Governmental Initiatives: Learn how recent research and governmental policies are shaping sustainable transportation systems, focusing on the safety, utility, and enjoyment of active mobility.

Community and Stakeholder Roles: Understand the critical role of community engagement and stakeholder involvement in driving changes in urban mobility.


  • Meredith Glaser, Professor of Cycling at Ghent University, will explore the future of cycling research in her talk: "What is the Future of Cycling Research?", focusing on policy innovation and the effective implementation of sustainable transport goals.
  • John Pritchard from the International Transport Forum (ITF), presenting: "Beyond Infrastructure: Improving the Quality of Walking and Cycling in Cities". He will discuss the limitations of current moto-normative approaches and propose methods to re-focus urban mobility to prioritise people over vehicles.
  • Orla Campbell, Head of Regions at Active Travel England, who will share insights into government initiatives dedicated to promoting active travel.


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This webinar is organised in collaboration with the Journal of Urban Mobility and will be moderated by Benjamin Büttner of the Technical University of Munich and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Urban Mobility.

The FREE webinar is organised by the AET Transport and Mobility Forum and will be hosted on the Zoom platform.

Speakers Bio

meredith glaser leerstoel fiets

Meredith Glaser, Professor of Cycling at Ghent University



Meredith Glaser is an urban mobility researcher and lecturer, based in the Netherlands since 2010. She is also a Professor of Cycling at Ghent University's Department of Geography. Her research focuses on policy innovation, knowledge transfer, and capacity building for accelerated implementation of sustainable transport goals.



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John Pritchard, transport researcher at the International Transport Forum (ITF)


John Pritchard is a transport researcher currently working at the International Transport Forum at the OECD. He has a track record of international collaborative research and policy evaluation focused on the social and environmental impacts of urban transport systems. Within this scope, his interests are primarily centred on equity and fairness, and accessibility.


Orla Campbell

Orla Campbell, Head of Regions at Active Travel England

Orla Campbell, Head of Regions at Active Travel England (ATE) has over 20 years’ experience in policy making, implementation and governance having worked in the public, private and academic sectors. Orla has significant experience in collaborative and partnership working across Government and with external stakeholders, most notably in Northern Ireland where she was Head of Accessible and Community Transport in the Department for Infrastructure.


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