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AET Board Meeting 2024

3 Jun 2024

The board of AET makes an effort to meet in real life at least twice a year: once at the conference and once in (early spring).

Antwerp and Flanders Welcome the European Transport Conference 2024

19 Apr 2024


The City of Antwerp and the Flanders Region, Belgium, extend a warm welcome to members of the Association of European Transport and to all delegates of the European Transport Conference that will take place in September 2024.


Data Paper at TMF Webinar in April 2024

12 Apr 2024

For the last few years, Jacobs Consultancy has been sponsoring a prize at the European Transport Conference (ETC), for the most innovative use of data. Kathryn Cai Xuefen presented her award-winning paper at April's AET Transport and Mobility Forum (TMF) webinar.

Transport and Mobility forum

ETC 2023 Social Activities

9 Feb 2024

During the ETC, organisers and volunteers work hard to provide delegates opportunities to get more out of their visit whilst not impacting conference attendance.


UK Department for Transport group visit the Messina Depot

30 Jan 2024

Ann Marsden, James Pritchard and Jens Kandt from the United Kingdom Department for Transport, joined a group visiting the ‘Messina’ tram depot, which is Milan’s largest tram depot.


Will national plans achieve transport emissions targets across Europe?

8 Dec 2023

During the 51st European Transport Conference in Milan a plenary debate was held on Thursday 7th September 2023 entitled “Will National Plans Achieve Transport Emissions Targets Across Europe?”


Smart Citizens for Future Smart Cities

8 Dec 2023

The Transport and Mobility Forum organised a webinar held on Thursday, 2 November 2023, entitled “Smart Citizens for Future Smart Cities: How to Engage Citizens in Sustainable Mobility with the participation of three exceptional speakers: Prof. Dr Rosário Macário (Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon, Portugal), Jan Kiel (Panteia, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands) and Dr Daniela Paddeu (University of the West of England, Bristol, UK).

Transport and Mobility forum
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