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Diversity Matters: Creating an Inclusive Culture within AET and ETC

22 Aug 2023

Join us for a SPECIAL SESSION where we will delve into the significance of diversity for the ETC and AET.

AET intern

A Conference for any Level of Experience

15 Aug 2023

It is worth mentioning that while Conference sessions can be challenging in discussing policy issues at the highest level, they can also provide good opportunities for basic education and training: with the well-established format of the Young Researchers' and Practitioners' Forum.

Young researchers

A Full Season of Events with AET Transport and Mobility Forum

26 Jul 2023

AET Transport Mobility Forum closed its most successful season with a webinar on ‘systems dynamics and its use in transportation research and policy-making’.

Transport and Mobility forum

Road Safety Summer School at University of Porto

What is the ultimate goal of road safety? Is it to decrease road crashes? Is it to improve the driving and riding experiences of road users? How can we study and improve road safety?

What to expect from ETC 2023

29 Jun 2023

The 51st European Transport Conference will be held from the 6th to the 8th of September 2023. For the second and final year we will be at the Bovisa Campus of the Polytechnic of Milan, where we successfully re-established our in-person conference in 2022 after two years online.


Change – Challenges and Opportunities for Transport Research

23 Apr 2023

ETC 2022 is an example of how transport sector is adapting to change. The first in person conference after COVID marked the jubilee of the European Transport Conference (ETC 2022), gathered researchers and practitioners last September. After 50 years of being at the frontlines of European transport, the 50th ETC continued the tradition of being a place for open-minded and out-of-the-box discussion of ideas and solutions for the future of transport. At AET, our role is to foster imagination to find innovative solutions for European transport. We invite you to join us in Milan for the ETC 2023, and build the transport of the future!


AET Services and ETC Delivery Contract

7 Mar 2023

The 2022-25 AET Services and ETC Delivery Contract was awarded to Training for Transportation Professionals

Continuing to Grow from Strength to Strength

7 Mar 2023

AET Transport and Mobility Forum publishes its new Webinar Programme for 2023

Transport and Mobility forum
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