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Online proceedings of the European Transport Conference (ETC)

The online repository of proceedings of the European Transport Conference (ISSN 2313 1853) contains the papers from each conference held since 1996.  It is also possible, on request to AET, to obtain papers from the forerunner conferences to ETC, the Summer Annual Meeting and the European Transport Forum. This is an invaluable resource for researchers, practitioners and academics.

Peer reviewed publications

Since 2013, AET has partnered with leading publishers in the field of transport research to publish selected papers presented at ETC. In particular, a longstanding and successful link-up with ECTRI and Springer has been established to produce special issues of European Transport Research Review (ETRR). Moreover, agreements with Elsevier and other publishers have been reached for the publication of additional special issues in peer-reviewed journals, books, and indexed conference proceedings.

European Transport Research Review (Springer)

Journal of Urban Mobility (Elsevier)

Case Studies on Transport Policy (Elsevier)

Sustainability (MDPI)

International Journal of Transport Economics (Accademia Editoriale)

Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice (Elsevier)

Book (Elsevier)

Transportation Research Procedia (Elsevier)