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Publication opportunities

Since 2013 AET has started to publish peer reviewed papers in several journals and published a book on Autonomous Vehicles and Future Mobility. All information of previous publications can be found in the page on peer reviewed papers
Additionally, in the ETC repository, the full papers submitted to ETC are published in the online conference proceedings (ISSN 2313-185).

Partners for ETC 2022

Also for ETC2022 AET is partnering with highly-regarded peer-reviewed journals for publication of selected contributions in thematic special issues related to the conference. 

For ETC 2022, Special Issues will be published in the following journals:

                                journal of urban mobility                                      ETRR

            Journal of Urban Mobility          European Transport Research Review

After the conference, AET will contact the authors of the selected contributions and guide them through the submission and peer-review process.

Both journals have an exclusive open-access publication policy, therefore the submitted papers may be subject to article-processing charges (APCs). For more information about the applicable APCs, please check here for the European Transport Research Review and here for the Journal of Urban Mobility.


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