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European Transport Conference 2022

7-9 September | Milan

Bovisa Campus of Politecnico di Milano

The European Transport Conference (ETC) is the annual conference of the Association for European Transport, attracting transport policy makers, practitioners and researchers from all over Europe and beyond. ETC offers in-depth presentations on policy issues, best practice and research findings across the broad spectrum of transport. ETC also provides an opportunity where delegates can enjoy networking opportunities, participate in technical visits, and explore the exhibition. 

ETC 2022 Return to a live event

In the last two years of the Covid pandemic AET has organized two successful multi-stream online ETC conferences that were positively evaluated by the attendees. The events were attended by more than 500 people each and delivered a full three day programme with over 150 sessions in two years.

It is acknowledged that the real value of ETC is in the networking opportunities and the ability to make new connections and reaffirm old professional friendships. There is no substitute for those impromptu encounters during coffee breaks when discussion among delegates generates new ideas and contacts.

Therefore AET is aiming for a full three-day conference at the Bovisa Campus of Politecnico di Milano. We have a good feeling that this will be possible, and are looking forward to welcome you this year at our 50th conference.

The 2022 conference will be a special occasion - it will be the 50th to be held. ETC will take as its main theme:

“Behaviour Change – the impacts of the climate emergency and COVID-19 on long term travel patterns”. 

There will be some reflection on the development of transport planning since the early 1970s but the main focus will be on the future and how the profession can respond to the challenges of climate change and of life post-Covid.

Each of the 10 Programme Committees produce their own requests for papers and these can be viewed as downloads below.  Some highlights are:

  • Behaviour Change – the impacts of the climate emergency and COVID-19 on long term travel patterns
  • Covid recovery – funding and financial sustainability of public transport
  • The future of cities – emerging new travel and land use patterns
  • The future of aviation – compatibility of recovery and sustainability
  • Travel data – When will new travel patterns be stable enough to inform modelling and forecasting?

ETC 2022 Programme

The programme of ETC 2022 can be found below. Note that the programme can be subject to changes:

Wednesday 7 September

Thursday 8 September

Friday 9 September


What people said about previous conferences and technical visits:

ETC 18 positive feedback


Why attend the 2022 European Transport Conference?

First-class speakers,    Thought-provoking research sessions,   Networking with international colleagues
Access to conference papers and recordings of the online conference sessions,   Open access and publication of papers
Coverage of major themes including: COP 26, Covid-19 and the Consequences


In numbers:
  • Over 250 papers presented
  • Up to 10 parallel sessions per day
  • 3 days of networking, presentations, activities
  • Around 550 delegates
  • Attendees from over 30 countries worldwide




Networking opportunities:
  • Conference app for access to the seminar programme, fellow delegates, exhibitor information, social programme and technical visits
  • Programme Committee meetings
  • Chat rooms
  • Exhibition and access to sponsors
  • Social programme
  • Local visits of interest



We anticipate returning to the plan of holding the conference at the Politecnico di Milano in September 2022


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