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Proceedings of the European Transport Conference (ETC)

The repository of proceedings of the European Transport Conference contains the papers from each conference held since 1996.  It is also possible, on request to AET, to obtain papers from the forerunner conferences to ETC, the Summer Annual Meeting and the European Transport Forum. This is an invaluable resource for researchers, practitioners and academics.

Peer reviewed papers

AET has partnered with Elsevier for publication of selected papers from the 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 conferences. These have been published in
Transportation Research Procedia:

Special issues

European Transport Research Review

There has been a successful link-up with ECTRI and Springer for a special issue on “Driving societal changes towards an electromobility future”, published in November 2015 in The European Transport Research Review–An Open Access Journal (ETRR), an online scientific platform aiming at disseminating research results in the field of transport (http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s12544-015-0186-0).

International Journal of Transport Economic

Papers presented at the ETC 2013 and ETC 2015, selected by the Freight and Logistics Programme Committee, have been published in special issues of the International Journal of Transport Economic, respectively the issues XLII -1/2015, and XLIV-2/2017 (http://www.libraweb.net/sommari.php?chiave=67).

A special issue including papers from ETC 2016 is in press.

Transport research part A

We have also linked-up with Transportation Research Part A. The editor-in-chief, Juan de Dios Ortúzar, keynote speaker at ETC 2016, accepted to host a special issue on social values and equity in transports, one of the most successful topics at the conference. The special issue ‘Rediscovery of the social role of transport infrastructures’ including also our conference papers is going to be released in October 2018.


Autonomous vehicles and future mobility

Papers from ETC 2017 were selected to be included in a book on “Autonomous Vehicles and Future Mobility” edited by Pierluigi Coppola and Domokos Esztergar-Kiss, which was proposed to and accepted by Elsevier.
The book will be published on June 2019.  Details can be found on the following web-link:



“Autonomous Vehicles and Future Mobility”

Pierluigi Coppola & Domokos Esztergár-Kiss (Eds


With the development of sustainable mobility options, intelligent transport systems and autonomous vehicles new solutions are being realized, however the changes that they cause in travel behavior and long-term transport policy are not entirely addressed. The book, including papers presented at ETC2017, presents potential mobility solutions offered by self-driving vehicles, and discusses some future threats and challenges for the implementation of new technologies toward a more sustainable transport.  Several novel methods are presented related to self-driving vehicle scenarios, workplace mobility plans, demand responsive transport analysis, mobility as a service concept, multi-source transport data provision and door-to-door mobility, which have a long-term effect on the users, on the society and on the environment. These solutions provide a good insight into current implementation of sustainable solutions, which may serve as general guidelines and best practices both for professionals and decision makers.


Keywords: Future transport, autonomous driving vehicles, sustainability, mobility as a service, travel behavior, wider impacts assessment



Chapter 1 – Autonomous vehicles and future mobility solutions


Chapter 2 - Scenarios for Self-Driving Vehicles Development

Chapter 3 – Traffic Flow with Mixed Traffic Components: Self-Driving and Traditional Vehicles

Chapter 4 – Demand-Oriented Mobility Solutions for Rural Areas Using Autonomous Vehicles

Chapter 5 – Long Term Investment Strategies for Road System with Self-Driving Cars

Chapter 6 – Potential Impacts of Autonomous Cars on Insurance Companies


Chapter 7 – Demand Analysis and Willingness to Use New Mobility Concepts

Chapter 8 – Accessing Big Transport Data to Support Seamless Transport

Chapter 9 – Stakeholder Engagement in Mobility Planning

Chapter 10 – The Impact Flexible Working on Mobility and Congestion

Chapter 11 – Public Sector Facilitation of Cargo Bike Operations to Improve City Logistics


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