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ETC 2024 Exhibitors and Sponsors

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Exhibitor and Sponsor of the Transport Modelling Session: PTV Group

PTV Group provides software solutions and consulting services to empower mobility for a cleaner and smarter future. Its best-in-class software for transportation modeling & simulation as well as intelligent traffic management enables decision-makers in politics, cities, organizations, and industries, to be more efficient, make roads safer, and protect the environment.

Over 2.500 cities make smart decisions based on PTV software. Located in the heart of the Karlsruhe technology region, PTV’s head office has been the company’s center of development and innovation since its foundation in 1979 as a Karlsruhe University of Technology (KIT) spin-off. The latest developments in science, technology, and research are continuously incorporated into our product development.



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Exhibitor: Caliper

Caliper Corporation, founded in 1983 and headquartered in Newton, MA, is a technology leader in the development of geographic information systems (GIS) and transportation software. Caliper is also a highly regarded consulting and R&D provider offering professional services in quantitative management consulting, transportation, and decision support systems development. Caliper software products are supported with extensive technical services in GIS applications and training, database development and software customization.

Caliper is the developer of TransCAD Transportation Planning Software, TransModeler Traffic Simulation Software, and Maptitude Geographic Information System Software packages.


Floorplan of University of Antwerp showing proposed Exhibition Area. Stands marked in red are already reserved. Layout subject to change.
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