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The Council, which consists of a maximum of 24 Members of the Association for European Transport, represents the AET members and helps with the direction of the association. One third of the Council seats are elected each year at the annual GA, held at the European Transport Conference (ETC).

The 50th ETC in Milan in September 2022 saw the AET elect 8 members to the existing council during the GA.

We were delighted to have five of those get re-elected for another 3-year term and very pleased to welcome three new members to the Council for the first time which brings the council’s country representation to 9 countries across Europe.

Allow us to introduce our latest members:


Anna Contenti WordAnna Contenti - Italy


"I served as an AET Ambassador for Italy for the past two years and I would like to have the opportunity to further support and expand AET’s impact in Europe. I intend to contribute my network of transport professional in Italy and Europe and my enthusiasm for integrating transport research with transport practice."


Tobias Hagen Word

Tobias Hagen - Germany

Research Lab for Urban Transport, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

"I‘d like to represent the academic perspective and especially that of young researchers: My PhD students are strongly engaged as presenters at the ETC. I conduct applied research in the field of “Data Science & Mobility”. In doing so, I regularly cooperate with companies. Data science has become increasingly important for the transportation sector in recent years. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to help shape and develop the AET and the ETC."


Kay Gade Word

Kay Gade - Germany


"My contributions will be to proactively participate in the Council’s activities and to assist in the organisation of the ETC as well as to support the collaboration with other organisations and with the European Commission. As the exchange of knowledge among researchers and bringing together research and practice are especially important to me, I would also like to contribute to the (further) development of new formats for knowledge exchange and transfer."


Members of the council are involved in many AET matters such as membership, marketing, forums, publications, website and of course planning the ETC. If you’re a member of the AET and would like to be considered for the Council then look out for the call for nominations when we’ll be looking for new members.