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AET Transport and Mobility Forum publishes its new Webinar Programme for 2022/23

This month we have published our programme of 9 new monthly webinars for the Autumn/Winter Series 2022/23.

This will be the third annual season or programme of monthly webinars which we have been hosting since the first Covid19 Lockdowns in mid-2020. Since then, we have hosted over 22 webinars on a range of transport topics of interest to AET Members.

AET Transport and Mobility Forum is an active AET members forum which plans and facilitates discussions and debates on transport topics for the AET members and the wider transport community.

This year we have worked closely with our Programme Committee Chairs to develop the new programme, and 6 programme committees have pledged to host a webinar this year on a theme chosen by them.

We also plan to host our annual New Year Debate in early January and we hope to have our first live and in person Transport and Mobility Forum meeting in 2023. We will also continue to work with other organisations in the transport community who share AET members’  interests and enthusiasm for discussion around transport themes.

Following the first successful webinar of the season last October on the theme of  ‘Accessibility for Diverse Populations, LGBTQ+ Travel Behaviour and Placemaking from a Gender and Diversity Lens’, we held our second webinar on 1st December 2022, which was co-hosted with the Global Trends in Transport Programme Committee led by Chair Vladimir Momcilovió of University of Belgrade.

The main speaker was Luc Amplemann of the University of Cracow in Poland on the theme of “Managing transport conflicts and cooperation - what role for transport planners?” A panel of invited speakers responded to Luc’s presentation and provoked plenty of thought and debate.

Upcoming Webinars

Our new programme plans a webinar once a month on the FIRST THURSDAY of each month - usually held at 11.00 Central European Time.

Details of the forthcoming webinars are available on the AET Transport and Mobility Forum web pagesThe web pages also include links to an archive of past webinar recordings which are accessible exclusively to AET Members.

We look forward to seeing you at our forthcoming webinars which are usually free to register and attend.