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Social Activities

During the ETC, organisers and volunteers work hard to provide delegates opportunities to get more out of their visit whilst not impacting conference attendance. One way they do this is via social events such as welcome drinks, civic receptions, running tours, bike tours and a conference dinner.

These events are often held in otherwise closed-to-the-public venues and are always very enjoyable to attend and offer great networking.

Running Tour 1Close to my heart, as the organiser, is the running tour which first ran in Barcelona in 2016 and has run at physical conferences ever since. The distance, which is around 5 - 6 km, is not normally the focus but rather the routes try to take in as many of the main tourist attractions as possible - so cameras are a must!

The social event planning for Antwerp 2024 is already underway and we look forward to welcoming new and returning delegates to them all (but especially the running).