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AET Transport Mobility Forum closed its most successful season with a webinar on ‘systems dynamics and its use in transportation research and policy-making’.

In total we experienced a substantial increase in participation, with over 1,000 individuals from more than 60 countries attending.

And, in Vienna, we held our first in-person hybrid event in collaboration with the AET Local Public Transport Committee. Furthermore, we have established two successful collaborations with the Journal of Urban Mobility.

To sum it up, the TMF program this year addressed a wide range of transportation-related topics in various formats including webinars, seminars and discussions.

Topics of valuable research, data and interesting subjects included:

  • Accessibility for Diverse Populations: LGBTQ+ travel behaviour and placemaking from a gender and diversity lens
  • Managing Transport Conflicts and Cooperation: What role for Transport Planners?
  • Environmental, Social and Governance Issues in Transport
  • A method for economic benefits for reallocating road space for cyclists
  • Evaluation of Elizabeth Line/Crossrail London
  • New Ticketing Schemes in Public Transport
  • Airports – post pandemic challenges and opportunities
  • A novel approach to developing HGV matrices
  • Mobility Justice
  • What is Systems Dynamic and why use it in transport research and policy making?

Recordings of all Transport Mobility Forum webinars are available to AET Members.

We look forward to more collaborations with AET Program Committees and Organisational members in our forthcoming webinar series in Autumn 2023/24.

With great anticipation for the future and the upcoming season, we extend a warm invitation for you to join us at the European Transport Conference 2023 in Milan, which will be held from 6th to 8th September.