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A webinar was co-hosted by the AET Transport and Mobility Forum and Journal of Urban Mobility with the support of Elsevier on Thursday 6th June at 11.00 CET. The theme of the webinar was: “Advancing Urban Mobility – Emphasising Walking and Cycling.”

The webinar featured presentations from invited experts from academia and government, focusing on the integration of walking and cycling into urban environments. The webinar was moderated by Dr Benjamin Büttner of the Technical University of Munich and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Urban Mobility.

Meredith Glaser, Professor of Cycling at Ghent University, explored the future of cycling research in her talk: "What is the Future of Cycling Research?", focusing on policy innovation and the effective implementation of sustainable transport goals.

John Pritchard from the International Transport Forum (ITF), presented: "Beyond Infrastructure: Improving the Quality of Walking and Cycling in Cities". He discussed the limitations of current moto-normative approaches and propose methods to re-focus urban mobility to prioritise people over vehicles.

Orla Campbell, Head of Regions at Active Travel England, shared insights into government initiatives dedicated to promoting active travel.

The presentations were followed by a robust open and stimulating discussion and sharing of views during a question-and-answer session involving members of the online audience who once again turned up in large numbers for this webinar.

This was the third webinar co-hosted by TMF and JUM and is the continuation of the successful collaboration of AET and Journal of Urban Mobility to stimulate discussion and debate on Urban Mobility while contributing to the preparation for the European Transport Conference and identifying high quality papers for review and publication in Journal of Urban Mobility.

A special note of thanks was raised for Chris Pringle, Executive Publisher at Elsevier who retired at the end of May 2024. The Chair of TMF, Conall Mac Aongusa highlighted the critical role and support of Chris Pringle in first suggesting the collaboration between AET Transport and Mobility Forum and Journal of Urban Mobility, and for the continuing the support for the webinar series and for ETC in what is a strong and growing relationship. This support will continue under the guidance of Rose Worrell of Elsevier and with the collaboration and support of Journal of Urban Mobility.