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Hi there, my name is Daniëlle Snellen. 

I recently joined the board of AET. I am not new to AET, and especially ETC, as I have been on the Planning for Sustainable Land Use and Transport programme committee for many years, chairing it for the last 8 years. I have been a delegate at the ETC ever since I was a PhD student back in the nineties and it has a special place in my heart.

I studied urban planning at Eindhoven University of Technology and stayed there to obtain my PhD on the relationship between urban form and activity patterns of inhabitants of medium sized cities. After leaving the university, I worked for a small consultancy for a few years. In 2002 I joined PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, where I am now deputy head of the department of Urbanisation and Transport.

I’ve always worked on the interplay between urban and transport planning. In addition I have studied the impacts of ICT on transport and I have done multiple scenario studies, both qualitative and quantitative.

I am married to Wouter and mom of two teenagers (Freek and Maud). We live in Woerden, a small town in the centre of the Netherlands. This place is the epitome of practical living. I can do all my daily trips by bike within 10 minutes, it has great train connections and the car is also a good option, if necessary.

I love my cat Sien, I enjoy crochet and knitting and I do pilates. Other pastimes are reading, preferably in my hammock in the garden, and taking nice walks (love the woods and the dunes).

As a board member, I will be on the Conference Management Team, hoping to deliver a wonderful ETC conference for all of you in the years to come.