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What is the ultimate goal of road safety? Is it to decrease road crashes? Is it to improve the driving and riding experiences of road users? How can we study and improve road safety?

These and other questions were answered by the lecturers and students from the Road Safety Summer School, organized by AET’s Ambassador Sérgio Pedro Duarte and AET’s board member António Lobo, under the ASIASAFE ERASMUS+ project (https://asiasafe.info). Held at the Faculty of engineering of the University of Porto, the event welcomed twelve students from Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam, from 15th to 24th May.

During eight days, safety was discussed within the Road Safety System, considering key factors for societal transitions. Lecturers from the fields of civil engineering, mechanical engineering, data science, policy making, psychology, service design, product development, and environment came to present multiple topics related to the Summer School main topic:

  • infrastructure planning and design;
  • data management for ITS;
  • countermeasures and driving behaviour;
  • human factors and user centric approaches;
  • traffic engineering and crash simulation;
  • societal transitions.

By the end, the students learned the importance of Road Safety and that it should be studied with a holistic and collaborative form by different scientific domains.