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The ETC2022 in Milan was a great opportunity and experience, that allowed people to meet after two years of online conference.

It was possible to observe the excitement and large numbers of people involved in the different activities and sessions.

The YRPF had sessions during Wednesday and Thursday, covering a variety of topics in the transportation field, as Shared Mobility Systems, Sustainable Transport, Economic Analysis, Behaviour Change and Environment.

The numbers of attendance to the YRPF sessions was larger when compared to years pre-pandemic and to the online conferences in 2020 and 2021. After the ETC 2022 the interest shown in joining the YRPF committee was also revealing of the great interest in this conference since there are 5 new joiners to the committee.

This means that people did really enjoy the ETC environment and want to be involved in future occasions.


“Attending the conference in person and chairing a session on the YRPF was an excellent opportunity to strengthen the debate on urban mobility, especially with contributions from the academic, and corporate perspectives in a more inviting space for young people to debate.”

Gabriel José Cabral Dias, YRPF sessions co-chair at the ETC 2022 and member of the YRPF committee.

“The ETC 2022 and in particular the YRPF were not only a great opportunity to present at my first conference in a welcoming setting, but I was also able to learn about the industry and meet many interesting people that will undoubtedly benefit my network in the future.”

Hans Dyckerhoff, presented at ETC 2022 and has recently joined the YRPF committee