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The digital revolution has changed many habits within AET. A lot of meetings, that used to be in person and required lots of travel, have been replaced by online meetings. And although this works fine most of the time and saves time and other resources, AET is at its core a club for people to meet, form (professional) relations and share knowledge.

Meeting in person still works best to strengthen the bond. Thus, the Board of AET makes an effort to meet in real life at least twice a year: once at the conference and once in (early spring).

On Friday 16 February, the Board (above) met in The Hague at the offices of PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. We prepared for the council meeting in March, discussed plans for the 2024 conference - Do come! Early Booking has opened.

We also invited the AET Ambassadors, our network of (young) volunteers, who help us in marketing the European Transport Conference (ETC) and AET Membership, for a meet-up the following day (below), kindly hosted by Significance. We took time to strengthen ties, discuss AET business and have some informal time together.



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Interested in joining the Board and good with numbers?

We are currently on the lookout for a new treasurer!

We also welcome additional ambassadors for a number of countries (see https://aetransport.org/ambassadors-network for countries not yet covered). For more information, contact our chair at hermann.maier@jacobs.com.