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The Association held its Annual General Assembly during the conference, where the results of the elections to the AET Council were announced.

All seven candidates were elected to the Council and two long-standing board members stood down – Pierluigi Coppola and Barry Zondag. There were several kind words spoken about them and we are very grateful for their contribution over the years.

In happier news, we were delighted to announce that Daniëlle Snellen from the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency joins the Board as a new member and we look forward to working with her. Full details about the AET Board and Council members are available on our website.

The General Assembly is the place for members to hear how the Association is doing, including financials, and to get a report on all the activities it has done over the past year. We heard that the Association continues to maintain a stable membership and initial numbers for the conference were looking good.

Of particular focus this year with regard to activities, was the great work the Transport Mobility Forum (TMF) has done, and we thank the TMF team again for its continued efforts.

We look forward to welcoming all members to our next Annual General Assembly in Antwerp in September 2024.